Ready for the Bookfair

Just two days until Anarchist Christmas! Also known as the London Anarchist Bookfair. And this year we have so much stuff coming out of Angel Alley it very nearly didn’t fit on the van, kindly organised by the Bookfair Collective itself. There’s one more day to go and pick up an early programme from the shop and some leaflets to distribute to people who just don’t know they need to head up to Tottenham on Saturday…


Many of the building user groups have been boxing up their wares for the big day, including AFed who will be bringing their new editions of Organise and Resistance, SolFed:


Haven, whose boxes can be seen here along with a tonne of stuff from Freedom Press before the Solfed, Afed and Corporate Watch stuff was brought down…


Not to mention it looks like there will be a new edition of the must-read ASS Squatters Handbook – the first since rule changes made residential squatting illegal – and Corporate Watch will be showing off their latest research and shiny new A-Z of Green Capitalism:

Plus there’s even stickers from the fundraising group!


The Freedom building hosts nine different collectives on four floors from all different parts of the movement, and we’re extremely proud of how much work is coming out of 84b Angel Alley in 2016. Long may it last!